There is always something new being introduced by Hunter Douglas.  One of the latest introductions is the new Ultra-Glide lifting system for Parkland Wood Blinds.  Yes, the lifting system with the retractable cord is now available on wood blinds.

In case you are not familiar with Ultra-Glide, here is a brief explanation.  Ultra-Glide uses a retractable cord mechanism to raise and lower the blinds.  Instead of pulling down on a cord that gets longer and longer as the blind lifts, Ultra-Glide operation requires a comfortable, short, up and down motion to raise the blind.  When you pull down the blind raises, when you lift up the cord retracts and the mechanism inside reengages.  Stop the motion and the blinds stay where they are or continue the motion until the blind is completely open – very simple and very easy.  Lowering the blinds is even easier.  Just pull the cord toward the center of the blind and the mechanism releases and the blind slowly lowers.

The cord for the Ultra-Glide mechanism retracts into the head rail.  On other products the retractable cord is attached to a “handle” cord.  On Parkland blinds the retractable cord is attached to a newly designed wand and tassel that provides a sleek custom look.  Replacing the chord with a wand enhances the child safety of the product.  The smooth, easy operation is great for blinds that are raised and lowered often.  Ultra-Glide has proven to be durable, with better cord life than traditional cord locks.  Easy operation, better appearance, better safety, and better duration.  How great is that?

Parkland Wood Blinds are made of real wood and bring natural warmth, exquisite craftsmanship, and traditional character to any room.  You have the choice of 33 colors, including paints and stains.  One of the colors will be perfect for your home.

Call Beyond Blinds Inc. (630-232-9901) to find out more about Parkland Wood Blinds.  We will help you choose the color and operating system that will be perfect for you.