I was recently in a home that had 15 windows along the back of the house. These windows were in the family room and kitchen area, so to take full advantage of the window treatments the homeowner would have to walk up to each window and operate the shade. Imagine the time it takes to open the shades in the morning and close them in the evening. You could read a magazine each day in the time it takes to open and close 15 shades. Look at all the time you could save by getting motorized shades for these windows. With motorized shades, all you do is press a button and the shades operate. You can operate Hunter Douglas products with Platinum Motorized Technology with a remote, wireless wall switch, or your iPhone or iPad. Just think of the convenience and time savings.

Even if you don’t have 15 windows on one side of your house, you may still have windows where you may want motorized shades or blinds. Think about the window above your bathtub, the one above your entry door, the one behind the couch, or even the window above the kitchen sink. All these windows may have one thing in common. They are hard to reach. That makes them great places to use motorized shades. Imagine no more getting in the bathtub, climbing on the couch, or getting a ladder just to open or close a shade. Think about the shade above the kitchen sink. How many times does the operating cord end up in the sink? With motorized shades there are no operating cords and you don’t even have to be near the shade to operate it. Now that’s convenient!

Take a walk through your home and look at all of your windows. If you have windows in places similar to the examples described, just call Beyond Blinds Inc. Our Interior Designer and Engineer team will make sure you get the best motorized blind or shade for your window. Who can help you with décor choices than an interior designer? And when it comes to installation and programming, who is better than an engineer that is a Certified Motorization Specialist? The answer to both questions is nobody. Call us at 630-232-9901. We are motorized window treatment experts. We can make your life easier. Call us today to find out how blinds and shades can save you money.