Cordless window treatments have many advantages over window treatments with cords.  Cordless blinds and shades look better, there are no cords that show, and are very convenient, you can just raise and lower bottom rail without having to find a cord and make sure it latches properly.  Cordless shades and blinds are also safer because there are no operating cords for children or pets to get tangled in.

Beyond Blinds Inc. has a wide variety of window treatments that are available cordless.  For example, Hunter Douglas Silhouettes, Luminettes, and Duettes are all available with manually operated cordless operating systems.  When looking at cordless blinds and shades, remember that motorized blinds and shades are the ultimate in cordless window treatments.  It is easy to forget about motorization or remote controlled shades, but what better way is there to get rid of the cords than by motorizing the shades.  The cordless line of Hunter Douglas products actually expands when you add motorized control.  In addition to Silhouettes, Luminettes, and Duettes, motorized Pirouettes, Designer Roller Shades, and Designer Screen Shades are definitely cordless.

In addition to increased safety, motorized blinds and shades are the ultimate in convenience.  There is no easier way to operate window treatments than by pushing a button on a remote or wall switch.  Motorized shades can be programmed to operate in groups.  No more walking to each individual window.  You just press two buttons and get all the blinds in your room, or even in your whole house, to open or close.

Do you want something even more convenient?  Hunter Douglas now has an app available that allows you to operate window treatments using your iPhone or iPad.  Now you don’t even need to locate the correct remote, you can just use your phone.

Motorized blinds and shades can also be integrated with a home automation system.  Control your lights, HVAC, security, and audio/visual all at the same time.  Timers and sun sensors are available to make the shades even more convenient and also increase energy efficiency in your home.

Please call Beyond Blinds Inc. (630-232-9901) to see how motorized window treatments can enhance your everyday living.  We would love to show you how convenient and beautiful motorized blinds and shades can be.

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