Shades and blinds are available with a number of operating systems. You can purchase shades with cords that get longer as you open the shade (standard cord lock), retractable cords (UltraGlide), cordless (LiteRise), and motorized (PowerRise) operating systems. With this post, I will tell you more about LiteRise, or cordless, blinds and shades.

One of the key advantages of the LiteRise operating system is the ease with which it operates. You just lift the bottom rail to open the blind or shade and pull the bottom rail down to close it. Oh yes, you can get wood and metal blinds with LiteRise in addition to honeycomb shades, pleated shades, Silhouette window shadings, and Vignette Modern Roman Shades.

Another advantage is increased child (and pet) safety. Since there are no exposed lifting cords, there are no long cords to get tangled in. The cord from your shade will no longer reach the floor where it can get sucked into the vacuum cleaner.

Something else that you will notice about LiteRise shades will be the cleaner look. The aesthetics of your window will be improved because there is no cord dangling and distracting from the beauty of the shade.

Another advantage of LiteRise shades that at times is hard to notice are reduced edge gaps. The head rail on most shades is longer than the fabric because there needs to be room for the operating mechanism. All shades have edge gaps to allow room for the fabric to operate in the window without scraping against the window frame. On some shades, the operating cord hangs down at the end of the fabric, between the end of the fabric and the end of the head rail creating large edge gaps. With LiteRise, the there are no operating cords and the mechanism is all enclosed in the head rail. This allows the shade to be fabricated with minimal edge gaps.

When thinking about LiteRise shades, look at the size of the window and the people that will be operating the shade. To get full functionality of the shade you will have to reach the top of the window and the bottom of the window. If the window is tall, you may not be able to reach the top. If the bottom of the window is close to the floor, you will have to bend down to reach the bottom of the shades. Just something to think about when buying LiteRise shades.

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