Every week we get calls from people with blinds or shades that do not operate properly,  and need to be fixed.  When we ask where they purchased the blinds or shades, they say the dealer is no longer in business.  When we ask what brand the blind is they do not know.  Now there is no way we can tell if we can fix it.  Where do we get parts?  Are parts even available?  How do you avoid this problem?

The best way to avoid this problem is to buy a name brand, quality blind.  Buying a good quality blind is extremely important because of the lifetime warranty and the availability of parts.  A good quality blind or shade will have the brand name on it giving you a place to start looking for parts and repairs.  Parts will also be available because the manufacturer knows the fabrics will last a long time and parts and cords may wear out.

We carry replacement parts for many Hunter Douglas and Graber products.  Many times we can repair the shade on site.  If we do not have the parts, we can send the blind to the manufacturer to have it inspected and repaired.  Hunter Douglas and Graber are proud of their products and put their name in prominent places.  This makes it easy to find where to start looking for someone to repair your shades and gives you the confidence that the blind or shade can and will be repaired correctly. 

When you are considering new window treatments, think about quality and the future.  If you want  great window treatments today with the assurance a repair will be available, if needed, many years from now, call Beyond Blinds Inc. at 630-232-9901.   We offer high quality products and we will be there should a repair be needed.  Call now, before you forget.