That is correct.  I actually had a customer tell me that the Hunter Douglas Duette shades she bought for her great room are the “best thing I ever bought”.  I believe her and here is why.

To begin to understand the comment, you have to understand the room she was talking about.  It is the great room.  It has a very tall two story ceiling and the west wall is almost all glass.  There is a bank of windows at the first floor level, a bank of windows at the second floor level, and the very top has arched top windows.  All these windows are on the west wall.  Just imagine the sun coming in on a hot August afternoon.  The room was unbearably hot because the air conditioning could not keep up.  Needless to say, people were not in the room very often.

Hunter Douglas Duette Honeycomb shades with Architella fabric were the perfect solution and the perfect shade for these windows.  For the lower windows, shades with the cordless LiteRise operating system were chosen.  Motorized PowerRise shades were installed on the upper rectangular windows.  The PowerRise operating system allows the shades to be opened or closed with the press of a button.  Operable EasyView Arch shades were installed on the very top arched windows and can be opened or closed using a long extension pole.  All the shades look and work great. 

In addition to being hot, the bright sunlight coming in the windows made the room uncomfortable.  People had to shade their eyes or even wear sunglasses.  No problem now.  The shades have a semi-opaque fabric that filters the light and diffuses it softly into the room.

Of all window treatments, Duette shades with the Architella fabric have one of the highest insulating values.  In this case the customer commented on how much cooler the room is on hot summer days.  The shades greatly reduce solar heat gain in summer and also keep the cold out and heat in in winter. 

You may not have a room like the one described above, but you can still get all the advantages of Hunter Douglas Duette honeycomb shades.  Call Beyond Blinds Inc. to schedule an in-home appointment.   During the appointment you will see all the fabrics and colors available.  You can see how the shades will look with your furniture and with your lighting, not with harsh store lighting.  Call us today at 630-232-9901.  Our professional designers help make all your choices easy.