Do you like roman shades, but would like more light control and view through? Would you like to be able to have more options than just open (or up) and closed (or down) on your roman shades? Is top-down/bottom-up still not the ideal solution for your window treatment? If you love the look of roman shades, but would like them to operate similar to a horizontal blind, then Hunter Douglas Pirouette is the shade for you.

Hunter Douglas Pirouette window shadings give you the look of a roman shade and the ability for the fabric to open and give you view through while still providing a measure of privacy.

Take a look at the photo of the Pirouette with the fabric open. You will notice there is a rear sheer that holds the virtually invisible lifting and operating cords. The face fabric opens up and the sheer allows you view through while still maintaining some privacy. The sheer also provides protection from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays – UV rays are the ones that fade your furniture and flooring. Pirouettes combine the functionality of tilting the vanes of a horizontal blind with the soft look and fabric of a roman shade.There is a large selection of fabrics and colors available for Pirouette window shadings. You can get fabrics that have a lot of texture or fabrics that shimmer, the choice is yours. You will be able to find a color that matches the color palette of you room.

Pirouette shades are available with Easy-Rise (cord loop), Lite-Rise (cordless), Ultra-Glide (retractable cord), and Power-Rise (motorized) operating systems. Again, you can choose the operating system that will work best for your windows.

At Beyond Blinds Inc. our staff has the experience and expertise you need to make sure you get the best treatments available for your windows. We are a shop at home dealer. Call us today at 630-232-9901 to schedule an appointment. We will bring fabric samples to your home and make the entire process really easy and super convenient. You get to see the fabrics in your home, with your lighting and with your furniture and colors. You do not have to guess. We will give you expert advice and make sure you get the beautiful and functional finished windows that you will love.