Maybe you can’t decide if you want a light filtering shade or a room darkening shade. At certain times of the day you want all the natural light to shine in but still have some privacy and ultra-violet (UV) protection. At other times of the day you want to block all of the light so none comes through your shade. Ideally you would like both, and all on the same headrail.

Yes, there are shades available – and on the same headrail – that give you that kind of light control.

One product is Silhouette A Deux Window Shadings from Hunter Douglas. The A Deux system combines a room darkening roller shade with a Silhouette window shading on a single headrail to enhance privacy and room darkening. The Silhouette has fabric vanes between a front and back sheer. The sheers provide some privacy and UV protection. By tilting the vanes, you gain more privacy. Lower the roller shade and block all of the light to make the room dark for sleeping. Complete light control on a single headrail.

Another two-in-one product is Duolite also from Hunter Douglas. Duolite is available on Applause Honeycomb Shades and Duette Honeycomb Shades. A Duolite shade has a sheer fabric and a room darkening fabric all on the same headrail. Lower the bottom rail and cover the window with the room darkening fabric. Lower the middle rail and the opaque fabric stacks at the bottom and the sheer or semi-sheer fabric covers all or part of the window. Duolite is also available with the VertiGlide (left to right) operating, system perfect for sliding glass doors.

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