One of the hottest trends in window fashions right now is roman shades.  Clean, classic, and efficient are words that describe this window covering.  Roman shades can be operated by using a standard cord lock, a continuous cord loop, or a remote controlled motor.  When in the down position, roman shades can be made with the face fabric flat, hobbled, or in a waterfall formation.  The shade can be lined with a light filtering lining or with room darkening lining.  Thousands of options are available for the face fabric allowing the roman shades to coordinate with any design style you can come up with.  Depending on the fabric and style selected roman shades will work with any style from contemporary to traditional, or transitional.  Roman shades work well in children’s rooms, family rooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms.  When in the raised position, the fabric folds up at the top and forms a soft valance-like look.  It is a very clean look and never looks messy.

Roman shades can be mounted inside the window frame or outside the window frame.  To use an inside mount, you must have a two inch flat surface inside the top of the window casing to mount the shade.  On an inside mount it is important to remember there will be a slight gap on both the left and right sides to allow for smooth and easy operation.  If two inches of mounting surface does not exist at the top of your windows, you need to outside mount your shades.  An outside mounted shade fastens to the window trim or wall and typically extends from the outside of the trim on the left to the outside of the trim on the right.  An outside mount is always a superior option if you are using a room darkening shade because overlapping the window blocks more light.

Like all window treatments, the quality of roman shades is very important.  A professionally made roman shade will usually last ten years or more, when raised and lowered every day.  The rings are hand sewn on the back and will not deteriorate in direct sun.  A lining should be used on all roman shades to protect the face fabric, ensuring long life and durability.

Roman shades can be made to fit your windows and design style and are the finishing touch to any room.

When you are considering new window treatments, think about roman shades.  If the number of choices seems daunting, call Beyond Blinds Inc. at 630-232-9901 to make the decisions easy.  We will come to your home, show you samples, measure your windows, and help you choose the fabric and style that match the rest of your décor perfectly.  Call now.