As our parents approach their senior years, it becomes increasingly harder for them to do everyday tasks.  Even a simple, task like raising and lowering window blinds, can be painful for someone with arthritic hands.  At Beyond Blinds Inc. we have a lot of power options that only require touching a button on the remote control to raise and lower one blind, or a series of blinds.  Draperies can also be motorized allowing you to open and close them with a remote control.

The second way that power blinds or shades can help aging parents is that with motorization, they will open the shades instead of leaving them closed all day.  With the shades open, natural light will come in.  Natural light will make them much happier and boost their spirits.  So, if you want happier parents, give us a call at Beyond Blinds Inc. 630-232-9901.  We are a Hunter Douglas Certified Motorization Specialist.  Our experts have experience that others do not.  We will help you find the perfect motorized shade, blind, or drapery.

Please go to and click on the “Watch Motorization Video” box to see our new video.  Send us an email with your comments.  Thank you.