6Mar, 2015

Consider Skyline Gliding Window Panels for Your Sliding Glass Door

March 6th, 2015|Ideas, Kitchen, Motorization, Window Blinds|0 Comments

Do you have a large window, a sliding glass door, or a wide, tall window and don’t want the typical 3 1/2 half inch vane vertical blind? You know, the kind that move when you walk by and really move and tangle when traversed. Consider Skyline Gliding Window Panels from Hunter Douglas. Skyline’s sleek transitional look with bold fabrics and colors is the perfect choice.

Skyline is available in five fabric opacities, screen, sheer, semi-shear, semi-opaque, and opaque, offering you the […]

26Feb, 2015

Places and Reasons You May Want Motorized Window Coverings

February 26th, 2015|Bathroom, Kitchen, Living room, Motorization|0 Comments

I was recently in a home that had 15 windows along the back of the house. These windows were in the family room and kitchen area, so to take full advantage of the window treatments the homeowner would have to walk up to each window and operate the shade. Imagine the time it takes to open the shades in the morning and close them in the evening. You could read a magazine each day in the time it takes to […]

8Jul, 2014

Rebates are Available on Motorized Shades

July 8th, 2014|Kitchen, Living room, Motorization, Window Coverings|0 Comments

Operating your shades has never been more convenient, and now is the best time to buy.   Hunter Douglas is offering rebates of up to $100 on products with the Power Rise and Power Glide motorized operating systems. Power Rise and Power Glide allow you to operate your window treatments using either a remote control, wireless wall switch, or with an iPad or iPhone. (iPad or iPhone operation requires a Platinum Bridge or Gateway.) No matter which device you choose, you […]

15May, 2014

Shades for Large Windows

May 15th, 2014|Curtains & Drapes, Kitchen, Living room, Window Blinds, Window Coverings|0 Comments

If you have large windows, French doors, or sliding glass doors in your home, you may think your only option for window treatments is vertical blinds. This is definitely not true. The best option for your large windows, French doors, or sliding glass doors could be Skyline gliding panels. Skyline gliding panels are fabric strips, either 11 or 17 inches wide, that glide horizontally across a sleek metal head rail. The look is very clean and contemporary. The operation is […]

24Apr, 2014

Inspired Additions to the Alustra Collection

April 24th, 2014|Bedroom, Kitchen, Living room, Window Coverings, Window textiles|0 Comments


Hunter Douglas has an upscale line of products called the Alustra Collection.  The Alustra Collection products have exclusive fabrics, modern chic colors, luxurious textures, and feature hardware with unique colors and finishes.  Alustra products are the perfect choice to add warmth, comfort, and glamor to your home.  Here are some to the exciting new enhancements to Alustra Woven Textures, Alustra Silhouette window shadings, and Alustra Vignette Modern Roman Shades. 

There is […]