27Oct, 2017

New Home Construction – Blinds Before Drywall

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When you are building a new home, the best time to start to think about window treatments is before the drywall is installed.  You may think that is way too soon, but let me tell you about the advantages.  Many times there are windows that are not reachable, such as over a bathtub or very tall windows.  Power  blinds are the perfect solution for this space.  By having your shades work on hard-wired DC, you won’t have to worry about the hassle […]

11Mar, 2014

4 Blind and Shade Lifting Systems You May Not Know About

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When people are asked how to open or close window blinds and shades their first answer will probably be what is called a standard cord lock in the industry.  On a shade or blind with a standard cord lock, you pull the cord to raise the shade and the cord gets longer and longer as the shade raises.  In many cases the cord puddles on the floor when the shade is fully opened.  […]

9Jan, 2014

Plantation Shutters

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When people think of window treatments, the first things that come to mind are blinds and shades, or curtains and drapes.  Most people forget about shutters.  Some people call them interior shutters, plantation shutters, or just shutters.  For this article I will use the term shutters.  Shutters are made with hinged panels allowing the panels to swing open to allow access to the window.  Each panel has a frame and louvers.  When the […]

19Jun, 2013

Three Skylight Shade Options

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Summer is almost here and soon the hot sun will be coming in through your skylights making it hot in your room.  If you put a shade on the skylight, you can control the light and heat and save money on your cooling bills

With the new Hunter Douglas Sky Lift system we can now cover larger skylight openings, up to 80 square feet.  That is a huge skylight.  Most homes have skylights in the 8-16 square foot range.

The Sky Lift […]