Sometimes the rooms in a home end up being kind of odd.  When looking at the blueprints, everything looks good, but when the home is built, there just seems to be a flaw in the architecture.  For example, if there are two short windows near the ceiling.  This can make the wall look strange.  The windows are too small and too close to the ceiling.  The blank wall space under the windows looks too big and dominates the wall.  By using full length draperies, from the top of the windows to the floor, the windows will appear longer and the room will feel warmer and look more finished.

I see many family rooms with a two story (16’ to 18’ tall) ceiling.  One wall has a fireplace in the center and windows on each of the fireplace and there is a second set of windows above the lower windows.  This wall can over power the room and make the room feel cold and harsh.  A great way to make this wall more interesting and feel softer is to use drapery panels from the top of the top window to the floor.  One panel on the left of the left window and one panel on the right of the right window will tie all the elements together and will look better than two panels on each window.  (The single panels will frame the wall and will look much better than the busy look of two panels on each window.)  Adding a valance or cornice as a top treatment will finish off the look.

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