Beyond Blinds Inc. was called in on a job recently because the motorized shades from another dealer were not functioning properly.  We were shocked to find out that when we pressed the button to open all the shades, some of them opened but most of them closed.  Do you believe it?  When I pressed the open button, the shades closed.  Totally opposite of what was logical and expected.

I have also had customers tell me their blinds or shades came out of the brackets or had the brackets pull out of the window frame.  I have also heard of drapery or curtain rods that have fallen off the wall and I have seen shades that do not open fully.  NONE of these examples were installed by Beyond Blinds Inc.

Experiences like these show how important the person installing your window treatments is.  Does he know how to properly attach the brackets?  Does he know how to properly install the shades in the brackets?  Does he know exactly how the blind or shade is supposed to operate?  Can he properly program a motorized shade?  The installers at Beyond Blinds Inc. can answer yes to all these questions.  Our installers are experienced and have been thoroughly trained.  Hunter Douglas Professional Installer training, Residential Motorization Specialist training, and shutter installation training are just some of the courses our installers have taken and excelled at.  They have also taken courses on how to install and adjust all of the Hunter Douglas products.

When you decide to purchase new window treatments, make sure you get a great installation.  Call Beyond Blinds Inc. today at 630-232-9901.  We will come to your home and help you choose the perfect window treatment whether it’s curtains, drapes, shades, blinds, or shutters.  We will also make sure your choices will be installed and operate properly.  Call us today.  You will be glad you did.