There are many blind and shade companies that advertise “FREE INSTALLATION”. Really? Do you really believe that qualified professional installers work for free? I doubt it. When you are buying any window treatment, make sure the person installing the products knows the product and how to correctly install it. Here are 3 reasons to question free installation.

First of all, new products are introduced by Hunter Douglas twice a year. To make sure an installer knows the new products and how to install them correctly, the installer must attend training and become certified. Once an installer is certified, he (or she) must keep the certification current. Additional classes are required to keep the certification current.

Secondly, let’s face it. It’s really not free installation. The price of the installation is just hidden in the cost of the blinds. In this case, the customer ends up paying sales tax on the installation. (In Illinois, installation is not subject to sales tax.) At Beyond Blinds Inc. we break out installation as a separate line item to save the sales tax.

The third reason to use certified installers is to make sure the job is done correctly. A certified professional installer will use the proper screws, anchors and brackets to make sure your window treatment does not fall down. Also, by knowing how the product works, a qualified installer will make sure it works properly.

At Beyond Blinds Inc. we use Hunter Douglas Certified Professional Installers. We want to provide the best product for our customers and we want to make sure it is installed correctly. Call us today at 630-232-9901 to schedule an in-home appointment and we will help you choose the perfect product for your style and budget.