In today’s economy, while price is certainly important, you don’t want to sacrifice customer service. At Beyond Blinds, Inc. we give you competitive pricing and customer service that sets us apart from the rest.

How do we work compared to other dealers and big box stores? Think about these things.

How many people do you deal with when you walk into other dealers or box stores? You talk to one person on the phone, another when you go into the store. When it comes to a home visit, a third sales person may be visiting you. Then you may have to go back to the store to place your order. When it comes time to finalize your order, another person may come out to measure your windows. Finally you may have someone else come out to install your window treatments. If you do need customer service at any point in the process, good luck being able to speak to any of the people with whom you have talked before.

What sets Beyond Blinds apart from the competition?

First, when you call, Brenda or John will answer the phone. Either one or sometimes both of us will visit your home, provide ideas, talk through different solutions, and show you samples, help you make decisions, provide quotes, take measurements, and place your order. We’ll get all that completed in one at-home visit.

Then, when your order comes in, one of us will call you to make an appointment for the installation. One of us will install your purchase and then you are finished! No more hassles. Just enjoy your beautiful new window treatments.

Now that you understand the differences between the other dealers and Beyond Blinds, why would you choose to work with anyone else? We offer first class customer first service, a full range of window treatment products, competitive pricing and one-stop shopping. It’s easy. It’s fast. It’s even fun! And the results are always fabulous!

Let Beyond Blinds be your one and only window treatment source. Call 630-232-9901 for a consultation before you even think about those other dealers and big box stores. Remember, go Beyond Blinds to Inspired Interior Designs.