The single most powerful change you can make to a room is to change the paint color. The right colors can make a room “Pop”. Color can add pizzazz and make you feel energized. Paint colors can be used to compensate for builder’s flaws in a room. Maybe the ceiling is tall and makes you feel small. Maybe the room is small and makes you feel like the walls are crowding you. The right paint colors will compensate for these flaws.

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Tall windows can be a real advantage in your home, however they can present some problems. The first issue is, ‘How do I open and close the shade on these tall windows?” There are many options available that are controlled using a remote. Options include light filtering, to create a soft glow, and room darkening, to create a theater like atmosphere.

Tall windows usually require some type of fabric treatment to accent their dramatic effect. Draperies or a valance can add volumes of warmth to the room and really add the finishing touch. The challenge becomes, what style will work the best? Where do the rods get mounted? Should the fabric be hang in swags or just hang straight? Our design experts will listen to your likes and determine the best style to give you the dramatic tall window you are waiting for. Call today to schedule an in-home consultation.

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Every room needs a focal point. Usually it is the first thing you see when you enter the room. Maybe it is the fireplace, or maybe it is a book case or china cabinet identifying the focal point and working around it to balance the space will result in damatic interior décor.

Once the focal point is established, the next most important element is the area rug. Sometimes the area rug is the focal point. Focal point, or not, the area rug is the foundation of the room. It ties all the fabrics together and creates definition to the seating area.

Beyond Blinds - Focal Point