There are hundreds of thousands of paint color choices out there.  It can be an extremely stressful and drawn out process to try and choose the perfect paint color for you room.  So before you even look at paint colors consider these two things.

Number 1, what will the room be used for?  Will you be buying a new bedspread or a new piece of furniture?  What colors will the new things be?  HINT:  Pick out the new things you want first and then choose the paint color.  It is so much easier.

Number 2, what is the natural light coming into the room like?  Did you know paint colors look different at the store than they do in your home?  Are you aware that the color you pick in the morning may look different in the afternoon?  HINT:  Buy a small container of the color you like and paint it on a poster board or the wall and “live” with a couple days to make sure you like how it loos at different times of the day.

Paint has the power to transform a space, so if you are in need of help to choose the perfect paint color for your room, call Brenda at Beyond Blinds Inc.  630-232-9901.   Brenda will listen to your likes and dislikes, she will look at your home and furnishings, and she will help you choose the perfect paint color.

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