Bay windows can present challenges that regular windows do not.  The fact that the windows in a bay are close together and at an angle can be a little tricky.  At Beyond Blinds Inc., we have a lot of experience doing treatments on all kinds of windows including bay windows.  Here are four different treatments to consider for your bay windows.

Number 1 – Hunter Douglas Duette Architella honeycomb shades are a great solution for bay windows.  When the shades are raised, the stack at the top of the window is very small giving you close to full view through the window.  The small head rail allows the shades to be placed close together with a minimal light gap.

Number 2 – Woven woods also work well in bay windows.  Woven woods have a nice texture and give a warm fell.  Woven wood shades operate in the roman shade style, folding up from the bottom up into the valance.

Number 3 – Screen shades offer another good option for bay windows.  If the shades are made with the fabric rolling off the front of the roller (instead of the back of the roller) it is possible to almost completely eliminate the light gaps in the corners.

Number 4 – Draperies, sometimes referred to as curtains, can also be used in a bay window.  Drapery rods can be made to match the angles of the bay allowing the drapes to open from the center, stacking way to the right of the right window and way to the left of the left window.  Another advantage when using draperies is the wide selection of fabrics available.  Instead of choosing from the limited selection in a Duette, woven wood, or a screen shade sample book, draperies can be made from almost any fabric.

All four of these options are available in light filtering or room darkening versions offering you the level of light control you desire.

All of these treatments require an expert installer to measure your windows to see which product will fit the best.  Call Beyond Blinds Inc. (630-232-9901) to discuss your bay window.  We will bring samples to your home and help you decide which window treatment is best for your bay window and your life style.

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