People think that ready made draperies cost less than custom made draperies.  That is not always true.  What is always true is that custom draperies always look better and are better than ready made.  Here are 4 reasons that make it worth getting custom drapes and not getting ready made drapes.

Reason number 1 is the quality, specifically the quality control on the length of the drapes.  The label on the package of ready made drapery panels may say they are 84 inches long, but when you get the packages home and hung on the rods, it is obvious that some are 82 inches long and others are 86 inches long.  The differences may not be that great, but when you hang the panels next to each other any difference in length looks really bad.  Custom made drapery panels are always the same length so the panels match and look great.

Reason number 2 is returns.  A return on a drapery is the length of fabric that makes a 90 degree turn and goes from the front of the drapery back to the wall.  The return finishes off the end of the drapery and gives added security and light control by covering the end of the panel.  Ready made draperies are not made with returns.  When there are no returns, you can see the glass from the side, light can come in from the side, and others can see in from outside.  Custom draperies have returns so the look is much more finished.

Reason number 3 is dye lots.  A dye lot is the batch of dye that is used to color the fabric.  Not all fabric of the same color is colored using the same batch of dye, so even though they are called the same color the actual colors may vary.  Use two different dye lots next to each other and the difference is obvious and it does not look good.  Rarely can you buy packages of draperies that are cut from the same bolt of fabric, or dye lot, so visually the draperies do not match from package to package.  When making custom draperies, we always make sure the draperies that match are made from fabric from the same dye lot.

Reason number 4 is installation.  When you get the packages of draperies and boxes of rods home, then what?  Where do the rods go?  How high above the floor?  How far over on the window?  What if you have shades on the windows, will the brackets be long enough?  These questions come up all the time.  By the time you figure all this out and consider all the time wasted, the extra trips to the store, and the extra holes in your walls it’s worth hiring the professionals to get it done right the first time.  Installation can make the job, and the professional designers and installers at Beyond Blinds Inc. get it done right the first time, saving you time and money.

At Beyond Blinds Inc. we are drapery experts.  Give us a call today at 630-232-9901.  We have a passion for fabrics and can help you get the draperies of your dreams.  We will make it easy, and cost effective, for you.