Are you interested in sheer draperies (sheers) for your windows? Make sure you consider the kind and finish of the fabric to make sure you will like the look when the sun shines.

Sheers can be made of many different fabrics. They may be made of polyester, silk, cotton, or linen – just to name a few. Each fabric will look different when the sun shines through it. For example, if you select a shiny polyester sheer it changes dramatically when the sun hits it directly. Looking through the sheer when the window is in the shade the view through and color may look great. Later in the day when the sun shines directly through the sheer it may appear a different color and the view through may look blurry and wavy. This is normal. There is nothing wrong with the fabric. Just be aware of it and try to see the fabric sample in different lighting conditions.

If you choose cotton sheers that do not have a shiny finish, you will get a totally different look. Again, this is normal. Make sure the person you are buying from knows about fabrics and shows you the fabric in different lighting conditions. Make sure you look at the fabric from different angles to make sure you like the look.

To make sure you get the look you want, call Beyond Blinds Inc. at 630-232-9901. We know all about fabrics. We make sure you get what you expected when the sheers are installed, no suprises. We have the samples, experience, and knowledge to get you the perfect sheer for your windows. Call us to schedule an in-home consultation. You will be glad you did.