To many people, motorized shades are too extravagant or too expensive.  People think motorized shades are only for people with huge houses, not for your average house.  The truth is motorized shades are not extravagant and a lot of houses have windows that should have motorized blinds or shades.

Motorized shades do cost more than manually operated shades, but did you know that they can pay for themselves in energy savings.  That’s right.  If you have windows that are hard to reach, chances are you do not operate the shades to take full advantage of the available energy savings.  You can save money on energy by allowing the sun to heat your home in the winter and by keeping the sun out to keep your home cooler in the summer. A motorized shade on a hard to reach window will make it easy to operate.  Since the shades are easy to use, you will open or close them daily and use the shades to reduce energy costs.  Motorized shades can be controlled by timers or solar sensors to automate the operation and automatically operate the shades as desired

Does your home have a two story entry with a window above the front door?  Is there a room in your home with a tall wall of windows?  Maybe there is a window in your master bathroom where you have to get into the tub to operate the window shade?  Do you have to climb on the couch (or sofa) in your family room to close the shades in your family room when you want to watch a movie or ball game on a sunny afternoon?  If you have any of these windows in your home, you should have motorized widow treatments.  If you have hard to reach windows, you need motorized window treatments.

Motorized shades can also be operated in groups.  This means that with a push of a button, all the shades in a room will operate.  Think of the time savings.  No more walking to every window and pulling on the cords.  Just push a button, very easy and cool.

Motorized shades, blinds, or draperies (that‘s right, motorized drapery rods) are easy to operate, safe (no operating cords), and can be incorporated into a home automation system.  Call Beyond Blinds Inc. today, at 630-232-9901, to see how motorized window treatments can enhance your everyday living.  We can come to your home and show you all the different motorized window treatments available.  You will be surprised at how many products can be motorized.