Walk out to the street and look at the outside of your store front, home or office.  What colors do you see in the windows?  Are they all white?  Are all the shades similar or at least going in the same direction?  If you have a store front or office, you are probably trying to attract customers and you want to project a professional image.  If your store front or office has a hodge-podge mess on the windows, what image does that portray to you customers?

If you are a homeowner, how do you want the exterior of your windows to look?  How do the windows look with respect to curb appeal?  If you have draperies hanging on the inside of the window, are the draperies lined?  If they are lined, what color is the lining?

Whether you are looking at a storefront, office, or your home, you want it to look nice from the outside.  While it is not necessary to have all the same window treatments in every room, you do want some consistency both on the inside and on what is visible from the outside.  Your home, office, or storefront will look better and convey a better image if the window treatments look consistent from the outside.

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