Today, everyone is trying to save money and still get the best value available.  Window treatments are no different.  Here are four window treatments that can be done on a budget and are a great value.

Number 1 – Mini Blinds:  1” aluminum blinds are certainly budget friendly.  Did you know they are available in 2” sizes and are offered in may updated colors, textures, and options?

Number 2 – Pleated Shades:  These are similar to honeycomb shades but only have one layer of fabric, not two.  New colors and options, including motorized, have been just been released this spring.  You will not believe how good they look.

Number 3 – Silhouettes:  With a front and rear sheer fabric over soft fabric vanes, Silhouettes are a beautiful window treatment with a tilting option for the ultimate in light control.  Did you know there is another Hunter Douglas product, Nantucket, that looks similar and is more budget friendly?

Number 4 – Faux Wood Shutters – This a great option if you like wood shutters.  Hunter Douglas New Style composite wood shutters are available in solid colors and also in wood grain colors.  The wood grain colors are a less expensive option to real wood shutters and look like real wood.

If you need new window treatments, call Beyond Blinds Inc. at 630-232-9901 to see the latest styles available.  We can help you find the perfect product that will fit in your budget.  We also make it really easy with our shop at home service.