Wow, REALLY?  Free installation sounds too good to be true.  When I see these words, I wonder “Where can you find an experienced, qualified installer, with the proper insurance coverage, who works for free.”  Obviously, you can’t.  The words “Free Installation” make you feel like you are getting a deal, when what they really mean is, “We are charging you more for the blinds.”  Trust me, no good installer works for free.

Here is another thought.  If a dealer writes up your order for shades and does not charge you for the installation, you are paying sales tax on the cost of the installation.  Installation is a service and in Illinois is not taxable.  I don’t know of anyone who wants to pay a tax when they don’t have to.

Don’t be fooled by the “Free Installation” gimmick.  Call Beyond Blinds Inc. at 630-232-9901 today, and get a fair price on your window treatments and no tax on installation.

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