Did you know you can create another large room in your home?  You can.  Simply back the cars out of the garage.

That’s right.  Our friends at Next Door, www.nextdoorgarage.com, have a fantastic new product that will easily turn your garage into a screen porch.  The product is a solar screen panel that covers the garage door opening, letting light and air into you garage while keeping bugs and the sun’s heat out.  It also gives privacy so you can feel safer while spending time in your garage. 

I love this idea for a man cave, summer family room, and additional space to entertain.  It operates very easy, the garage door goes up and the garage screen door comes down.  There is nothing to drag into position or fasten in place.  Plus when you do not need the outdoor living space in the garage, the screen goes up the cars go in and the door goes down.

Creating unique interior spaces is what we do at Beyond Blinds Inc. We do more than windows.  If you need extra space or just want to know how to make the space you have work better, call us at 630-232-9901.   You will be surprised what we can do.