Previously I talked about staging your home for resale.  It’s amazing to me, how many people look at before and after pictures of staged homes and want “That Look” in their home.  They want that look in the home they live in.  The trouble is, they don’t know how to get “That Look”.

Staging your home to live uses the same concepts as staging your home to sell, remove clutter, paint, move furniture around, and change accessories.  All inexpensive but all make your home look different, feel more comfortable, and overall make it fantastic.  You will be amazed how you can transform the look and feel of your home by staging it.

Remember staging is not just for selling.  Staging can also be used to make your home more livable.  If you look at your home and think it could use a makeover, call Brenda Fredrick at Beyond Blinds Inc. (630-232-9901) today.  She will talk with you to assess your wants and needs and then come up with a plan that will give your home “That Look”.

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