Many homes have unusual windows like half-round windows over the front door, skylights in the family room, or some other odd shaped window. Depending on the exposure of the window and the proximity of neighbors, you may want to block the sun during the day and/or you may want privacy at night.

Let’s talk about the half-round window first. There are multiple options. You could add an arch top shutter, with louvers that can be opened and closed. Other options are fixed slat wood blinds, fixed vane Silhouettes, or fixed Vignette Modern Roman Shades. As you can tell most of the options provide light control and privacy, but they do not open and close. Most options stay in one fixed position to give you light control, privacy, and style.

Skylights are great for letting in more natural light, but during the summer the direct sunlight coming through can really heat up a room. In addition, the light can fade furniture or carpeting and cause glare on your large television screen. Battery powered remote control honeycomb shades are a great solution for skylights. They control light and add insulating value. They are also are really convenient to operate.

Triangular shaped windows are one of the biggest challenges. Nothing you put in a triangular window will open and close, but there are several solutions that will diffuse light, give UV protection, and add energy efficiency. Designer Screen Shades are just one of the options available.

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