Most people assume that the term “interior designer” and “interior decorator” mean the same thing and are interchangeable titles.  According to the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) the terms are not the same.  Here is a portion of an article that was published in the ASID Illinois Chapter Summer 2013 Newsletter.

An interior designer’s job is to help a client realize the client’s vision for the space, create a space that meets the functional requirements of the client while also ensuring the health, safety and welfare of the inhabitants.

ASID interior designers must agree to uphold the professional standards and ethical guidelines of the association related to interactions with clients, contractors, other design professionals and the association itself.  ASID Professional and Allied members must meet educational requirements while all members maintain their status based on continuing education requirements.  By hiring an ASID interior designer, clients are assured that their chosen design professional meets professional practice standards that have been established by the oldest and largest association founded in 1975. 

Interior decorators are qualified to give decorating advice that deals with a room’s aesthetics most typically related to paint color, wall coverings, fabrics, window treatments and decorative accessories.  Decorators are sometimes referred to as stylists as they are often adept at creatively arranging accessories and successfully mixing colors and fabrics.  Many interior decorators are known for having a particular “style”:  eclectic, vintage modern, etc. and clients may seek them out to replicate that particular style.  An interior designer is more inclined to help a client achieve their own style; this is part of their training.  While may decorators can be immensely successful and produce beautiful spaces , they are typically not recognized as professionals by associations such as ASID that require a certain level of design related education and training.   A talented decorator can style your home for a quick sale or design a knock-out window covering.  For larger or more complex projects, most clients are better served to seek out the services of a professional interior designer.

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