Hiring an Interior Designer can help you avoid costly mistakes. From space planning and traffic flow to paint and accessory selection, a designer is there to create an interior environment that best reflects your personality and life style. A designer can help you select furniture that is the right size for your room, has the durability level you need and is in your price range. This is a great value for you- an investment that saves you time and money.

Have you ever looked at paint colors in a store, found a color you loved, bought a gallon of paint, painted it on your wall and hated it? Hiring a designer to come into your home or office for a consultation will more than pay for those paint mistakes.

Hiring an expert designer to consult with you on a purchase you are planning to make can help you save money and time. A designer will help you make the right decision, one that you will be happy with.

At Beyond Blinds Inc. we can work with you for as little as $95. Please give us a call today at 630-232-9901. We would love to hear your thoughts and help you achieve the interior space of your dreams.