If you have large windows, French doors, or sliding glass doors in your home, you may think your only option for window treatments is vertical blinds. This is definitely not true. The best option for your large windows, French doors, or sliding glass doors could be Skyline gliding panels. Skyline gliding panels are fabric strips, either 11 or 17 inches wide, that glide horizontally across a sleek metal head rail. The look is very clean and contemporary. The operation is very easy and smooth.

Skyline gliding panels are available fabrics that are room darkening and fabrics that are light filtering. There is an incredible selection of on-trend textures, patterns, and colors. Many of the fabrics can also be used on roller shades that open and close vertically so you can coordinate the look on all of your windows. For example, use Skyline gliding panels on the sliding glass door and use Designer Roller or Designer Screen shades on the other windows. The shades complement each other, completing the look of the room.

Suppose you don’t care for the look of the metal head rail on Skyline gliding panels. In addition to custom made valances or cornices, you can get a sleek metal valance (large or small), a fabric valance, or a fabric wrapped cassette as a top treatment. All options dress up the top of the shade. It’s up to you, choose the one you like best.

Skyline gliding panels can be ceiling mounted and used as a room divider. I have even seen them used on a bare wall to add texture, color, softness, interest and warmth to an otherwise cold, harsh, and boring room. Be free and use your imagination, Skyline gliding panels do not have to be just for windows.

If you think Skyline Gliding Panels may work well in your home, or office, call Beyond Blinds Inc. (630-232-9901) today. We will be glad to schedule an at-your-location appointment and show you Skyline gliding panel samples and discuss your options. We make it all easy and convenient.