Draperies with grommets at the top are very popular right now.  If you are not familiar with grommet top draperies, let me give you a quick description.  Grommet top draperies are curtains that are made with holes on top.  These holes have metal pieces (grommets) that reinforce the holes.  The drapery rods are threaded through the holes and the fabric slides along the rods as the drapes are opened and closed.

Like I said before, grommet top draperies are very popular, but before choosing the grommet tops consider your application.  If you plan on keeping the draperies stationary (not opened or closed often) the grommets are fine.  If you are going to open and close the drapes every day, you may want to think about a different style.  You see, depending on the how the grommets contact the rod (how steep the angle is) when moving the draperies they may be difficult to open and close.  If the rods are mounted up high the rings may not slide easily making the drapes hard to move.  A better choice may be a decorative traversing rod that uses a continuous cord to pull the drapes.  Rods and rings are also easy to operate because the rings slide along the rod easier than the grommets will.

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