Do you look forward to watching the big games on your new big screen TV? Football season has arrived and you have a large screen, high-definition TV, but you may still not be able to see the picture you want. Is there too much glare on the TV screen? We can help.

The problem is too much light coming through your windows. The sun may shine directly on the screen or reflect off the floor causing glare. The glare makes the picture hard to see.

At Beyond Blinds Inc., you can get several solutions to the glare problem. One solution would be to block the glare while still allowing some light in. Hunter Douglas Silhouettes, Pirouettes, and Duette honeycomb shades work well for this situation. All three products are available with light filtering fabric and can be operated using a cord. Cordless options are also available. Maybe you do not want to get off the couch to adjust the shades. No problem. These can be motorized and operated with a remote control or a smart device.

Perhaps you want more of a theater look. There are more options including roller shades, Alustra woven textures, and Roman shades that can block all the light and make the room really dark. The choice is yours.

This is just a brief list and description of some of the products available. Call Beyond Blinds Inc. at 630-232-9901 today to find out more. We will show you the product options and explain them to make sure you get the best option for you to keep the sun from glaring off your TV. Call now to see the football games in the best light.