A few weeks ago, Beyond Blinds Inc. sponsored a fundraiser at the Northern Illinois Food Bank.  The main speaker was Sally Morse, Director of Creative Services for Hunter Douglas.  Sally’s presentation was titled “10 Steps to a Perfect Room.”  Here is a brief summary of the ten steps Sally talked about.

Step 1:  Start with inspiration.  Your inspiration could be a picture you cherish or maybe a dress, or shirt, that you like.  Maybe it is something from your childhood.  It can be anything.  Anything that has the colors you truly love can be your inspiration.  Once you have found your inspiration, choose three colors from your inspiration.  Then determine which color you would like for the base, secondary, and accent colors.

Step 2:  The pieces you choose to put in your room should go together but not be all the same.  If everything in your room all matches, or is too matchie-matchie, the room feels uncomfortable.  When all the pieces match, they fight with each other.  Not good.

Step 3:  Space planning is important.  Where you place the furniture is very important.  In addition to creating a good traffic flow, you want to place your furniture so conversation is easy.  You want to create conversation areas, not just seating areas.

Step 4:  Lighting.  What kind of general lighting is there?  Is there adequate task lighting?  What do you want to accent with light?  These are all important questions and need to be answered correctly to get the perfect room.

Step 5:  Window coverings.  How much natural light is coming into the room?  Curtains, shades, shutters or draperies are all options.  What will be the best solution for your room and what you will be doing in it?

Step 6:  Walls.  The color, pattern, and texture all need to work together.  When thinking about wall coverings,  think about the acoustic properties of the room.  The acoustics of a room may change depending on what you put on the wall.

Step 7:  Flooring.  Hard surface, area rugs, and carpet are all options.  In addition to color, consider what the room is being used by and by whom.  Again, acoustics can be affected by the flooring.

Step 8:  Hard accessories, pictures, art, tables, they all need to work together.

Step 9:  Soft accessories, pillows, cushions, greenery.  You need the right amount.  Size and balance are important.

Step 10:  Personality.  Make the room yours.  Use things that have meaning to you.  Use items that have great sentimental value to you.  Show you artistic side, your sense of humor.  Here is a chance to make the room fun.

These steps sound easy.  If you are having trouble and need some help, give us a call, Beyond Blinds Inc. 630-232-9901.  Our degreed interior designers can help you and make these 10 steps easy.  Color, pattern, texture – who know what goes with what?  We do.  Call us today.