With motorization, you can operate multiple shades at once. Many houses have a lot of windows. In order to operate the shades or blinds manually, someone has to go up to each shade to raise or lower it. This requires going to each room, sometimes up and down stairs. Imagine how easy it would be to operate the shades with the touch of a button. Think about how much time it would save.

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Beyond Blinds - Motorization

Alustra® Vignette® Traditional™ with PowerView™ Motorization


Elegance and Simplicity Roman shades add an elegant feel to any room, but some rooms may appreciate them more. As with all varieties of window shades, the options are endless, which can be both a blessing and a curse! Roman shades come in a variety of shapes, styles and colors….

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Beyond Blinds - Roman Shades

Vignette® Modern Roman Shades



Picking out paint colors, drapes, and curtains for your home can be a joy to some, and a frustrating experience for others. If you are one of those that have trouble deciding on colors, styles and fabrics, picking drapes alone may not be a pleasant task. Do not fret, though, working with a professional designer can be a cost effective way to get your home the look you want without driving yourself crazy.

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Making a purchase of wooden blinds may appear to be costly on the surface but once you consider all of their benefits you may just conclude that wooden blinds and their upscale cousin, plantation shutters, represent a high value and elegant addition to your home.

The purchase of any window treatment is a significant decision. Window treatments are a representation of your personality, your personal style and your home. For this reason wooden blinds and offer several benefits. They are at once elegant and functional. They give off the impression of expensive tastes, while leaving money in your pocketbook when compared to other more expensive home furnishings or remodeling projects.

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Beyond Blinds - Wooden Blinds

Parkland® Wood Blinds