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Adding Style and Function with Drapes

Picking out paint colors, drapes, and curtains for your home can be a joy to some, and a frustrating experience for others. If you are one of those that have trouble deciding on colors, styles and fabrics, picking drapes alone may not be a pleasant task. Do not fret, though, working with a professional designer can be a cost effective way to get your home the look you want without driving yourself crazy.

In fact, when we work together choosing curtains can be fun! It is an expression of yourself and your home’s personality. The following guide should help you get started and give us a place to begin our conversation when you call.

Different Drapes for Different Rooms

Different drapes can be used in different areas of the house. Floor length draperies and curtains can add a nice formal touch to any dining room or foyer. Floor length drapes also have a tendency to make the ceiling appear higher. A pleated drapery can be used to add a touch of elegance to your sitting room. Floor lengths are good for low traffic areas, and add a sense of grace to the room. If you have cats or young children, using a shorter drapery on windows may be a better choice!

Elements of Drapery Style

The choices for curtains truly abound. Specific styles can be found or created to go really well with the other decorations in the room . For instance, using a Cape Cod curtain in casement windows can give the window a good covering, but not look odd as a drapery might. The Cape Cod may also be a good look for your kitchen as a simple curtain. If you are looking for romantic scenes try using bow tiebacks with drapes in the bedroom or sitting room. You can also go with a more traditional and subtle look of tab curtains in any room.

Drapery Fabrics and Colors

The fabrics you choose for the drapes can also add a lot of personality to the room. Fabrics range from functional to eco friendly and come in a variety of weights, colors and textures. Some of the more functional curtains can include a blackout lining that can be used to make any room completely dark. This is great for watching movies or helping you sleep in on summer mornings. Flame retardant fabrics are available if that is a concern for you and eco-friendly, organic and “green” fabrics are becoming more widely available if your interests tend in that direction

The fabric and color of your drapes will be your biggest choice, and since the choices are nearly endless we can help you narrow the field to just a handful that will give you the function and style you are trying to achieve. Fabrics can vary in weight from sheer to heavy. While sheers can be nearly transparent the thicker fabrics will let little light through and help insulate the window they are covering. You can find almost any color if you look hard enough and long enough and yet with an experienced designer at your side the perfect color can often be found in a matter of minutes.

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