Hunter Douglas

Making a purchase of wooden blinds may appear to be costly on the surface but once you consider all of their benefits you may just conclude that wooden blinds and their upscale cousin, plantation shutters, represent a high value and elegant addition to your home.

The purchase of any window treatment is a significant decision. Window treatments are a representation of your personality, your personal style and your home. For this reason wooden blinds and offer several benefits. They are at once elegant and functional. They give off the impression of expensive tastes, while leaving money in your pocketbook when compared to other more expensive home furnishings or remodeling projects.

Additional Benefits of Wooden Blinds

Wood blinds add the natural feel, class and warmth of wood to any room. They look good from inside and outside of the house, simultaneously making your home more comfortable inside and improving curb appeal outside.

Wooden blinds are sturdier and yet look more elegant than other window blinds. This makes them a great value over the long haul. Even though natural grain and stain combinations can be used in a variety of different rooms and areas you also have the option of choosing different, non-wood tone finishes. For example, white or off white, beige, yellows, grays and black.

Most wood blinds are eco-friendly in several ways. Natural wood is a good insulator. They can reduce heat gain in the summer or heat loss in the winter. Some wooden blinds are made to with no holes in them at all, further reducing the solar impact on cooling. Plus this option keeps more light out of the room.

Not only do these wooden blinds reduce the energy you consume, they are also environmentally friendly.

Generally, wood blinds are crafted from a variety of North American hard woods; many harvested using sustainable forestry practices, making the wood used in creating these beautiful blinds a renewable resource. Therefore, purchasing wooden blinds helps conserve the non-renewable resources of the world which is becoming more of a concern for many people. For areas that are high in humidity, such as the kitchen or bathroom, you can purchase faux-wood blinds. These emulate wood, but will not warp with humidity and many look so much like real wood that only you will know the real story!

Many Options and Styles

Wooden blinds also have a lot more options than most regular blinds. You can choose vertical wood blinds, woven wood blinds, blinds that look like plantation shutters or even mini blinds. They come in all shapes and sizes and different stains and color combinations. We can custom order wooden blinds to fit any window, and this is the preferred route since proper fit and finish is imperative if you want to maximize the glamour and elegance.

Even with all their advantages wooden blinds should be looked at as an investment. Do not let the initial cost deter you from choosing wooden blinds. Carefully consider the value and enjoyment they will bring, the increase in curb appeal and the energy savings. One last thing you should note is that while other blinds may be less expensive, they are not as durable. Vinyl blinds have a tendency to break slats if bent or moved in the wrong way and they are prone to fading. Wooden blinds are not so easy to break and with a little care can last the life of the home.

Wooden blinds are a great way to make your home look natural and elegant. Call Beyond Blinds at 630-232-9901 to learn more about how these elegant window coverings can improve your home. Our friendly design team is always ready to answer your questions and help you make sense of the vast array of products on the market.