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7Dec, 2015

Football Season on the Big Screen

December 7th, 2015|Living room, Motorization, Window Blinds, Window Coverings|0 Comments

Do you look forward to watching the big games on your new big screen TV? Football season has arrived and you have a large screen, high-definition TV, but you may still not be able to see the picture you want. Is there too much glare on the TV screen? We can help.

The problem is too much light coming through your windows. The sun may shine directly on the screen or reflect off the floor causing glare. The glare makes the […]

14Apr, 2012

What Do I Do If My Neighbor’s House Looks Right Into My House?

April 14th, 2012|Curtains & Drapes, Interior Design, Window Coverings|0 Comments

Are the houses in your neighborhood built really close together? Do you ever ask yourself, “Why did the builders put a window there?” Have you ever found yourself thinking, “I feel like I am living in a fish bowl?”

Silhouette – Filters Light and Can Be Room Darkening
As an interior designer, this is a common problem that I hear about all the time. Someone may say to me, “We need natural light to come into this room, but the view out […]