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15May, 2012

Three Reasons to Buy Quality Blinds and Shades

May 15th, 2012|Ideas, Window Blinds, Window Coverings|0 Comments

You get what you pay for.  It is something you hear all the time about any number of products.  It especially applies to window blinds and shades.  If you are OK with replacing your window blinds every year, by all means, go ahead and purchase your blinds or shades from a box store.  But if you are looking for a BETTER VALUE, it pays to buy better quality.  Hunter Douglas blinds and shades are the best in the industry and […]

14Apr, 2012

3 Things To Consider When Buying Blinds

April 14th, 2012|Interior Shutters, Window Blinds, Window Coverings|0 Comments

Number 1 – Quality

Are you looking for an inexpensive choice to last a short time because you are planning on selling your house and moving soon? Or, are you going to stay in your home several years and want something that will last? We have multiple options that will meet your situation.

Number 2 – Style

Do you want something that is either open or closed? Or do you want something that tilts to adjust the amount of light entering the room? […]