When people are asked how to open or close window blinds and shades their first answer will probably be what is called a standard cord lock in the industry.  On a shade or blind with a standard cord lock, you pull the cord to raise the shade and the cord gets longer and longer as the shade raises.  In many cases the cord puddles on the floor when the shade is fully opened.  The long cord gets tangled.  It gets sucked into the vacuum cleaner.  It can be dangerous – children or pets can get tangled in the cord and can even be strangled.  There are many options.  Here are 4 different lifting systems that are available on Hunter Douglas blinds and shades. 


Hunter Douglas offers the proprietary Ultra-Glide lifting system on many of their products.  The Ultra-Glide systems uses a retractable cord to lift the shade using an up and down motion.  The single cord retracts to a convenient fixed length when released.  Pulling the cord toward the center of the shade releases a latch and the shade automatically lowers gently to the window sill.


The Lite-Rise system is a cordless lifting system.  Lift the bottom rail and the shade raises and stays where you stop lifting.  To lower the shade, just grasp the bottom rail and pull the shade down.  Again, the shade stays where you stop pulling.  Lite-Rise is safe and very convenient.  There is no cord dangling to distract from the beauty of your window.  In many cases the fabric on a light rise shade can be wider than with other lifting systems minimizing light gaps at the edges of the shade. 


Continuous cord loop lifting systems are called Easy-Rise by Hunter Douglas.  On Easy-Rise blinds or shades there is a continuous cord loop on one side of the window.  The cord loop operates a clutch at the end of the shade and is anchored to the window at the bottom of the loop.  To raise the blind, you pull down on the front of the cord loop.  To lower the blind, you pull down on the rear of the cord loop.


The ultimate cordless lifting system is Power-Rise.  Power-Rise shades use motors to raise and lower the shade and are controlled using a remote control.  Press the up button to raise the shade.  Press the down button to lower the shade.   If you don’t want to keep track of the remote, a wireless wall switch is available.  Multiple shades can be grouped to operate together for even greater convenience.  With the proper hardware you can even control your shades using your iPhone or iPad.  Power-Rise is great for hard to reach windows like those in a two story entry way or a two story family room.  Power-Rise is also available for skylights.

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