When you are building a new home, the best time to start to think about window treatments is before the drywall is installed.  You may think that is way too soon, but let me tell you about the advantages.  Many times there are windows that are not reachable, such as over a bathtub or very tall windows.  Power  blinds are the perfect solution for this space.  By having your shades work on hard-wired DC, you won’t have to worry about the hassle or expense of changing batteries.  Having a conversation about window treatments before the drywall is installed will allow you to have your electrician install wiring to the windows for minimal cost.  Give us a call at Beyond Blinds to discuss your options.  In the Madison, Wisconsin area call 608-405-0378.  In the Geneva, Illinois area call 630-232-9901.  Call today to find out more!