Summer is almost here and soon the hot sun will be coming in through your skylights making it hot in your room.  If you put a shade on the skylight, you can control the light and heat and save money on your cooling bills

With the new Hunter Douglas Sky Lift system we can now cover larger skylight openings, up to 80 square feet.  That is a huge skylight.  Most homes have skylights in the 8-16 square foot range.

The Sky Lift system is available with 3 different operating systems, each having distinct advantages.

Operating system number one is manual operation.  This operates using a crank handle to raise and lower the shade.  An extension pole is available to reach high skylights.  The Sky Lift mechanism is very simple, it operates with very little friction, and the shades are very light making it very easy to operate and maintenance free.

Operating System number two is Power Rise 2.1 with Platinum Technology.  Power Rise is a battery powered system that can be controlled with a remote or a wall switch.  The Power Rise 2.1 with Platinum Technology can also be configured for control using the Platinum App and your iPhone or iPad.  The simplicity, light weight, and low friction of the Sky Lift system allows for longer battery life, meaning batteries need to be changed less often.

Operating system number three is hard wired motorization.  With this system the sky Lift system is hard wired so there are no batteries to change.  This system can also be easily integrated into home automation systems.

If you have skylights and are looking for a way to control heat and light, call Beyond Blinds Inc. at 630-232-9901.   We can explain each system, show you the vast array of fabrics available, and help you choose the best option for you.