You have decided it is time for new blinds and shades. You have chosen the perfect Hunter Douglas product for your window. You analyzed all the available functions, operating systems, fabrics, and colors. After careful deliberation, you made the perfect choice. All that is left is the installation. Make sure the installer is experienced, properly trained, and certified.

Here is a good example of what I mean. When we were building our home, the construction process advanced far enough that is was time to install the bathroom tile. We started the house in December, and now it was May. I saw the person installing the tile and I noticed he had a very dark suntan. Seeing we are in Geneva, Illinois, it was still spring and the weather had not been warm for very long. In addition, it surprised me that a tile installer – someone usually works inside – had such a dark tan. I was suspicious that installing tile was not his full time profession, so I asked. Guess what? I found out that the person installing my tile was doing it as a side job. At his full time job he was a rough framing carpenter. Not exactly the person I would choose to do finish work in my home.

I had made a mistake. I did not check to see who would install the tile. I just assumed the tile dealer would only hire full time, professional tile installers.

Don’t make the same mistake when you buy window treatments. When you are making selections, check with your designer. Ask who will be installing the blinds or shades. Many dealers subcontract the installation. If you buy from Beyond Blinds Inc. the installations are done by one of the owners. Being a small business, the owners wear many hats and for us one of them is installer, and not just an installer – a Master Installer.

What does being a Master Installer mean? In order to be certified as a Master Installer by Hunter Douglas, you have to go through intensive hands-on training. You have to take shades apart and put them back together and make sure they work properly. And not just one shade, you have to do this on the entire Hunter Douglas product line, including Power View. A Master Installer has to keep his certification current with continuing education and training.

Installing blinds and making sure they fit and work properly is not as simple as it seems. Make sure your installer is qualified by calling Beyond Blinds Inc. at 630-232-9901. We will be glad to tell you more. Call to schedule an in-home consultation to find the perfect window treatment for your home. We make the selection process easy and we definitely make sure the installation is perfect. Call now.