When most people think about motorized shades the first thing that comes to mind is roller shades.  That makes perfect sense because roller shades were one of the first shades to be motorized and roller shades continue to be popular shade.  Here are five shades from Beyond Blinds Inc. and Hunter Douglas that you may not know are available motorized.

Silhouette window shadings are available motorized.  Silhouettes are made with a front and rear mesh separated by a fabric horizontal vanes.  The vanes can be tilted open and closed to control the light allowed into the room.  You can see through the mesh with the vanes open and if you want an unobstructed view out your window, Silhouette shades roll completely into the headrail.  Silhouettes have an elegant, soft look and come in a wide selection of colors and fabrics.

Luminette privacy sheers are made with a front and rear mesh separated by fabric vertical vanes.  The vanes can be rotated open or closed as well as traversed to one side or both sides of a window.  Luminettes are available motorized allowing the vanes to be tilted and/or traversed with a touch of a button.  Talk about convenience.

Vignette Modern Roman Shades are available motorized.  There are many fabrics available, some with a metallic sheen and some that are made from sustainable fibers.  Unlike traditional roman shades, Vignettes have no lifting cords for a clean look from the exterior.

Pirouette shades look like a roman shade and with the unique mesh and construction, the fabric can be opened to allow view through with the shade closed.  Pirouettes have to be seen to be totally explained.  They give you the look of a roman shade and the versatility of a horizontal blind.  Motorization is the easiest way to operate a Pirouette.  Just press a button and walk away.  The shade moves by itself.

Duette honeycomb shades are available motorized.  The top/down bottom/up option is also available motorized.  This allows the shade to be lowered to the bottom of the window and still lower the top of the shade allowing light from the top and providing privacy from the bottom.  Light control like that is not available with many products.

Motorized shades offer many benefits including convenience, safety, and time and energy savings.  We are a Hunter Douglas Certified Motorization Specialist and would love to tell you more about motorization.  Give us a call (Beyond Blinds Inc. 630-232-9901) and we can explain how motorized shades can enhance your everyday living.

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