When you are looking to buy drapes or curtains, make sure your sales person can explain all the options that are available to you. Here is a list of nine things to ask about to make sure you get the draperies or curtains that you want.

1. Do the curtains come with or without returns?
2. What are your header choices – grommets, pinch pleats, tabs, rod pockets, or one of the many other choices?
3. How will the curtains be operated and where will they be operated from?
4. What choices to I have for lining – standard, room darkening, or interlined?
5. What is the fullness for the window size that I have? How will they stack? How much glass will show?
6. What are my choices for drapery rods? Are they made of iron, wood, metal, or plastic? How will the curtains attach to the rod?
7. Who will be doing the installation? How much experience do they have?
8. How durable is the fabric? Will it resist fading? Will my kids and pets destroy the drapes or will they hold up? Is the operating system child safe?
9. How will the fabric act? Will it drape softly or hold stiff pleats?

When you read the above list, I am sure you noticed that there are questions within the questions. There is an endless list of options. You definitely want to make sure you are working with someone able to explain all the options and help you make sure you get the finished product that you want and will be proud of.

At Beyond Blinds Inc. our staff has the experience and expertise you need to make sure you get the best curtains and draperies available for your windows. We are a shop at home dealer. Call us today at 630-232-9901 to schedule an appointment. We will bring fabric samples to your home and make the entire process real easy and super convenient. You get to see the fabrics in your home, with your lighting and with your furniture and colors. You do not have to guess. We will give you expert advice and make sure you get the beautiful and functional finished products that you will love.